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18 & 19 November

Shift Money

Shift Money is a Financial Technology Conference, which purpose is to explore new ways to disrupt the world of Payments, Insurance, Lending & Blockchain.

Why Shift Money

The Shift Team has been creating technology conferences for over 8 years. With our premier event being Shift Dev, the largest Developer Conference in Southeast Europe, which brings over 1300+ attendees from around the world in one place. Now, Shift Money will take that mantle as our biggest event, bringing delegates from around the world of Fintech to the beautiful city of Zagreb, Croatia.

Ivan Burazin - CEO Codeanywhere

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Mon 18 & Tue 19 November 2019
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Shift Location

Where you can find us?

Prilaz Baruna Filipovića 23A,
10 000 Zagreb,Croatia
Shift Money location
Shift Money location
Shift Money location

Accomodation & Transport

Check out our partner for the best possible accommodation for your stay

Mete Atamel
Developer Advocate at
Mate Atamel
"Shift is an awesome conference in the beautiful city with an amazing venue and an engaged technical audience. It was great to be part of such a great event!"
Mate Atamel
Mike Butcher
Editor-at-large of
Mike Butcher
"It's exciting to me when an event like Shift happens because it is usually the first sign that a new startup ecosystem is forming. To me I find that fascinating, because I know that in time we will see great tech products, Startups and entrepreneurs come from it. Plus, events like this are a key indicator to the press and investors that they will know where to look for the next big thing."
Mike Butcher